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This year's theme: The Role of Measurement & Analytics in Designing Exceptional Candidate & Employee Experiences


Thanks to all involved in People Analytics & Future of Work 2017!  The February event exceeded all expectations, and this must be directly attributed to the remarkable contribution of speakers, participants, technology vendors, and service providers.  We look forward to hosting a similar event in Philadelphia this coming September 18th & 19th.  If you couldn't join us in San Francisco, please join us then.

In the meantime, this May 16th & 17th in Chicago we'll be hosting the Employee Experience Design Conference & Workshop.  This unique program will involve thought leaders, academics, and advanced practitioners, along with an interactive set of exercises.  These exercises will enable participants to walk away with a deliverable, one that represents both their learning as well as their ideas.  You can learn more and register by clicking here.  

We, of course, hope to see you there!  To makin’ great things happen! 

Al Adamsen & David Green
PAFOW17 Co-Chairs