The re-imagining Work Conference

May 31st - june 1st, 2018

The westin, San Francisco, CA

Explore the increasing convergence of people and machines. How will work get designed and allocated? How will AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Robotics affect the employee experience and the experience of other workers: contractors, consultants, outsource providers, etc.? Learn and contribute with prominent practitioners, executives, academics, and thought leaders. Themes to be addressed include:

  • Work Strategy: People working with AI, robots, and other intelligent machines
  • Employee Experience Design
  • Candidate Experience Design
  • The Liquid Workforce & Gig Economy
  • The Digitization of Work
  • Business Transformation
  • Globalization and Designing Work across borders and organizations
  • The Ethical & Conscious use of Data, Analytics, & related tools

Join one of the three pre-conference workshops on Wednesday, May 30th.

Re-Imagining Work - Workshop

MAY 30th, 2018

San Francisco, CA

Join one of the three conference workshops on Wednesday, May 30th:

  • Employee Experience Design
  • Data-based Storytelling to Inspire Positive Change
  • Work Strategy: Integrating AI, Outsourcers, Contractors, & Employees in the Design & Management of Work


This event is in conjunction with the Re-Imagining Work Conference 2018

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The Re-Imagining Work 2018 Conference
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Confirmed Speakers

Soft Agenda

Day 2

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution & What it Means for Work
  • Consciously Creating Culture in the New Economy 
  • Employee Experience Design: Shrinking the Delta b/n What's Offered & What's Delivered 
  • Lunch
  • Candidate Experience Design: Elevating Brand Among Those Who Join & Those Who Don't
  • The Role of the Individual: Me Analytics vs. People Analytics
  • Re-Imagining Work: 10 Ways to Leverage Integrated Work Design

Day 1

  • Future of Work: Not Just Employees Anymore 
  • AI in the Workplace: People Working with Machines (and vise versa!) 
  • Humanizing the Corporate Experience in the Age of AI
  • Lunch
  • Liquid Workforce, Gig Economy, & Redefining the Organization
  • Breakout Groups / Networking
  • Digital / Business Transformation: Transforming to What?
  • Learning Analytics: Skill Acquisition for Individuals & Organizations
  • Vendor Showcase