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Leaders can no longer cruise along without actionable insights into how people think, feel, and what actions they'll likely take in the future.  Doing so is arguable irresponsible, both for the organization as well as employees themselves.   When such data-based insights are available, leaders can make more informed decisions on how talent is attracted, developed, compensated, communicated with, etc.  In turn, leaders can design unique experiences that help form the desired culture.  Leaders can also delve into the essence of the work itself.  This can then inform how work can best get done: by employees, outsource providers, software, robots, etc.  Data-based insights are essential, however.

The People Analytics & Future of Work Conference has emerged as arguably the preeminent event for the global people analytics community.  Professionals from all over the world -- Japan, China, Germany, the UK, Australia to name a few -- converge on the hub of technology innovation, the San Francisco Bay Area, to connect, re-connect, learn, and explore with some of the world's most influential practitioners, thought-leaders, academics, and vendors.  It's truly a one-of-a-kind experience.  It's created by leaders and practitioners for leaders and practitioners, and the uniquely valuable format is evidence of this.

This coming conference will again feature keynotes, the vendor showcase, as well as short talks and panels.  Added will be the facilitated opportunity to connect with people in like industries as well as with those interested in similar topic areas.  In the end, each participant is sure to walk away with great ideas, valuable new connections (or deeper established ones), as well as be inspired to take appropriate action once back at work.

We, of course, hope to see you there!  To makin’ great things happen! 

Al Adamsen & David Green
PAFOW17 Co-Chairs

Pre-Conference Workshop: Tuesday, September 19th

Communicate With Storytelling: How Effective Storytelling Can Transform Your Analytics.  This pre-conference workshop will cover an array of proven and innovative techniques that will engage internal customers and inspire them to take appropriate action. The workshop will be led by Jonathan Ferrar and Al Adamsen and will run from 3:00 to 5:30pm on Tuesday, September 19th.  

During this interactive workshop, three principles and four techniques of storytelling will be described -- using videos and methods from proven storytellers.  These techniques will enable participants to better understand how stories, derived from data-based analyses, can elevate confidence and help ensure talent-related decisions deliver positive impact to the business as well as to employees themselves. You will practice your own stories using these techniques during the workshop.

This unique program is for those just starting in the field as well as those looking to elevate their effectiveness, no matter their experience level.  Hoping to see you there! 

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