The Re-Imagining Work Conference 2018

Day 1 - Thursday, May 31st

8:30am: Future of Work: Not Just Employees Anymore

9:45am: AI in the Workplace: People Working with Machines (and vis a versa!)

11:00am: Humanizing the Corporate Experience in the Age of AI


1:00pm: Liquid Workforce, Gig Economy, & Redefining the Organization

2:00pm: Breakout groups / networking

3:00pm: Digital / Business Transformation: Transforming to What?

4:00pm: Data & Analytics Affecting Leader, Manager, & Worker Behaviors

Vendor Showcase

Day 2 - Friday, June 1st

8:30am: The 4th Industrial Revolution & What it Means for Work

9:45am: Consciously Creating Culture in the New Economy

11:00am: Employee Experience Design: Shrinking the Delta b/n What's Offered & What's Delivered


1:00pm: Candidate Experience Design: Elevating Brand Among Those Who Join & Those Who Don't

2:00pm: The Role of the Individual: Me Analytics vs. People Analytics

3:00pm: Re-Imagining Work: 10 Ways to Leverage Integrated Work Design